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NorKwiri Primary School Chairs’ Donation: A Lilly In The Mud


Norkwiri Dilapidated Primary School

Norkwiri Dilapidated Primary School

Donations come out of good intention. It’s what one should accept with happy heart and laughter. Lilly, on the other hand, is a different kind of flower specie that falls among the 10 most beautiful flowers on the planet earth, and it’s a symbol of beauty that does not deserve muddy and shabby environment. Lilies, like brand new 4o classroom chairs, are not meant in dilapidated buildings.

Hence, 40 brand new chairs in ruined buildings at Norkwiri Primary School are like putting Lilies in the mud. Maybe this is the reason why the Coordinator MOSOP (Greater Kansas City Area Chapter) Mr. Leyira Vincent Nwidadah and the self-acclaimed politicians’ image-maker Mr. Ambrose Kii think the donation doesn’t deserve attentions.

“It was purely a service to our community and doesn’t deserve unnecessary attention.”

Leyira said while Kii ignored questions on conditions of the school buildings.

But this is the crop of the matter. Bible clearly states that God has created all humans equal. The law, on the other hand, also declares all men to be equal. This is not so for the pupils of Norkwiri Bo-ue Primary School 1 in Babbe Kingdom of Ogoni, Nigeria.

From all ramifications, equality is denied the children from Norkwiri. The primary school, established in 1947, is probably older than some of the crook politicians all of whom have worked tirelessly to keep the school in total dilapidation for years. For instance, the Councilor of the electoral ward Norkwiri falls into, the Khana local Government chairman Gregory Barile Nwi-edam, Khana constituency 1 representative in the Rivers State House of Assembly Mr. Legborsi Nwidaadah, Sen. Magnus Abe representing south-south constituency in the country’s House of Senate, and governor of the state Mr. Rotimi Chibueke Amaechi have all played different roles in keeping the future of the pupils of Norkwiri Primary School bleak.

It is more than three years now the deplorable condition of the school was brought to the attention of government of the day. Nothing has been done to ameliorate the plights of those poor pupils whose only crime has been that they have been born into Kwiri and are attending the only available primary school in their community – the worst conditioned primary school in that part of the world.

Great men and organizations, the world over, realize the importance of education in the advancement of children in the society. Our most revered Nelson Mandela once said: “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world. It serves as a gateway of opportunity and better options.”

The governor of Rivers State also said the following about education:

“I believe that you cannot have public resources and not address the social and economic issues.  I want to see our people live better. There are basic issues that, if not addressed, society will not improve. One of them is education. You must recognize the fact that access to education and affordability are two key issues that you must address. And addressing access, you make the schools available for pupils and the citizens to use.” Vanguard Newspaper January 6th, 2013

Could it be that this type of sense had prompted Kansas City MOSOP, a chapter of Movement for Survival of the Ogoni People (MOSOP) and also a non-for profit organization to donate 40 new classroom chairs to this dilapidated primary school at Norkwiri Bo-ue in the Babbe Kingdom of Ogoni?

If so, why would such donation go to a school in ruin? According to the picture above, should the school, which its dilapidated nature has attracted attentions from far and near since about 3 years now not appear in government list of schools that needed repairs?

Further more, why Hon. Legborsi Nwidaadah representing Khana constituency 1 failed to include the said primary school in the list of schools to be renovated?

Lemixmedia reliably gathers that Mr. Legborsi bluntly rejected Norkwiri primary school and replaced it with a school in his wife’s hometown in the list of schools to be repaired in the constituency.

For the fact that despite the complaints the deplorable conditions of the Norkwiri school had attracted, and it’s yet to be considered for repair, some curious eyes see this chairs donation as having some political undertones. Therefore calling the donation of brand new chairs to a school experiencing this magnitude of disrepair as Lilly in the mud. Does anyone have different opinion?


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2 thoughts on “NorKwiri Primary School Chairs’ Donation: A Lilly In The Mud

  1. @kansas city,
    You all are doing a great job,but i think there are areas you all need to understand.The model primary schools been build in some communities by State Government were to be one in each ward.
    And Bo-ue were even fortunate to have gotten 3,Uegwere own 1 and all the primary schools withing Uegwere community we merge to have the required number of students to attend the news school same is apply to other wards/communities withing the State what Kereken and Nyorkwiri we do since 1 is currently in Kereken Bo-ue they we attend the school together to meed up the said number of students.Fundamental observation, Sen,Magnus Abbe N is representing Rivers south east senatorial district and not south south constituency.thanks


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    Hausa people, they repeat again in North to kill all Nigeria Christianity in Church fighting and shouting burn by fire kidnapping and provide fact news for us every mouth end on news paper, Hausa people come back to our Nigeria State to kill all our skill fathers fighting and shouting hanging.

    Hausa president go back to Hausa land and kill Nigeria Youth Copper. Burn by fire fighting and shouting kidnapping and provide fast news for us every mouth end, Hausa people come back into our Nigeria state to steeling our oil well use our crude oil money to betray in Nigeria.

    Hausa president, go back to North and poison bean and rice and sell to Nigeria people to buy it, eat and die. Hausa people try to repeat again this time, but this time the Nigeria spirit say no. we are fighting the violence peacefully and we shall all end it on our benefited, always leave in peace and peace will be our president ruler in Nigeria and it shall be well with you all Nigeria people.


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